36 hrs wandering in heaven on earth; Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Written on the ‘religious’ spot; the best tips how to spend your 36 hours in worlds biggest tempel complex Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Why 36 hours? Because that was my time schedule. But ofcourse you can spend more time.

This incredible big complex of more than 100 tempels is spread over 161.2 hectares. The tempels are built in the early 12th century.

Its unbelievable how humanity was able to build these tempels in the ancient time. No wonder tourists from all over the world come to Angkor Wat to see and experience this special holy place. 

Where to stay

Dreaming of sleeping in a temple? You can forget that unless you are becoming a monk. But don’t worry enough good accomodations available in Siem Reap. This small village is litterly  living from the tourist visiting the tempels. But Siem reap has more to offer like nice restaurants, small markets and some nice museums. So here are my 5 tips to spend the best 36hrs. 

1. Tempels of Angkor

This UNESCO World Heritage site is the biggest religious monument complex in the world. 

To visit the tempels you can buy a 1d/3d/7day pass for $37/$62/$73. Forget the one day because thats to short to get a good impression.  My advise? See as much as possible the first day and then return to some specific sights. Highlights are: Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm (known from the movie thomb raider) and Bayon.
Transportation: By Tuk Tuk, car or bycicle. In general your hotel can easily arrange a good price. For example $15 for a whole day with a Tuk Tuk driver. 

2. Food

The delicious cambodian kitchen is irrisistible. Try the cambodian kitchen in the restaurants of Siem Reap. One of my favorite restaurant with a good price and quality is Kmer kitchen restaurant. Try here the local dish Amok. This is delicious soft fish cooked in a bananaleave with local herbs. You will love it! Specially after a long hot day at the Angkor tempels.

3. Stroll over the markets

There are several markets in Siem Reap. From a cosy night market to the local old market. In general they sell the same stuff so first orientate a little what you like to buy and let the bargain game begin! Ending up paying – 50% of the price means you played the game good.

4. Angkor national museum

Visiting this museum is perfect to do before or after your visit to the Angkor Wat tempels. Take the audio tour for $5,- and learn all the insight about the 1000 buddha’s and a brief history of the Kmer inhabitants.

5. Massage

And last but not least after walking the whole day in and around the tempels spoil yourself with a massage. Siem Reap is full of good massage salons and for a good massage of 60min you pay around 20dollars. Try this salon Kmer relief spa in the centre of Siem Reap.