Travel blog of a world traveladdict

Get inspired for your next holiday destination or citytrip on this travel blog from a traveladdict. Apart from all information about the most beautiful and perfect world destinations this blog provides you many good tips how to prepare your travelling and avoid travel stress.

Who is this world traveladdict? 

My name is Myrthe van der Gaag born in the Hague, the Netherlands with a big passion for travel. Globetrotter is my second name with travelling in my genes! So far I’ve been to 45 countries.

When did it begin?
My first trip was together with my mother on the age of fiveteen. I had the luck to join her on one of her duty trips to Bangkok during her time as flight attendant working for KLM. This is were it al began; my obsession for travelling!
A confession to make is that travelling is part of my family genes. A part of my family is spread over the world. My parents live since 2010 in South Africa and my sister emigrated in the same year to Chile for the love of her live. And the story started already earlier with the older generation; my grand mother for example travelled over the whole world to visit her family and was aswell the one organizing all the travel trips as tourguide until she was eighty years old.

‘Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport’

But why is travelling so much fun?
The unknown and the excitment of the adventure ofcourse!
Wandering around this beautiful globe, learning about diffrenet cultures, languages and meeting lovely people.

In 2007 I started my career at KLM the dutch airline company. After 9 years I still enjoy working for this dynamic company. I love to put all my energy in this beautiful company with one goal: connecting the world. Give people the opportunity to travel over the world and discover its beauty, experience and learn a lot. With exactly the same goal I started this blog to inspire people to discover the world and learn about different cultures. This will contribute to better understanding of each other and mutual understanding.

Start dreaming today about your next trip and be inspired by one of the specials destination on my blog.

Open up to the world and let yourself be enchanted by all the beauty!