It exists a trip around the world in just one weekend!

Paris: A worldtrip in just one weekend!
Have you always dreamed about a trip around the world, being a globetrotter and searching for adventure? But there is always a but…. which holds you back from really doing it? You must recognize this, dreaming and dreaming but no budget and/or no time in your studying/working or family life. Well now I have the perfect solution for you; book a citytrip to Paris!

So let me introduce myself: Myrthe, Enchante (french for nice to meet you) I was blessed to be a true Parisienne for 2,5 years (A dutchie from origin). I’ve always dreamed of an abroad experience but never had the chance or took the chance to do it. I moved to Paris for my work in 2014 and had the luck to live in Paris only 1 meter away from the Louvre and discover this magnificent magical city of love, lights and mystery. There is so much to see and do in this 24hr city that I still discover new places in Paris.

3 continent in one weekend

The middle East
You can start your trip to the Middle East with a visit to Israel in the 3rd arrondisement. There is a big jewish community in Paris which is in general centralized in Le Marais since the middle ages. The small streets are full with Jewish shops and ofcourse many Jewish restaurants and specially the falafel is represented. In the weekend you will find long queues in the streets with people waiting to buy the best falafel sandwiches.

This neighborhood is now a days aswell known for the big gay community. You can continue your Middle East journey to the Arabics in Quartier Latin in the 5th Arrondisement on the Rive Gauche side of the Seine. To escape the bustle of the city you go to Le Grand Mosque where you can enjoy a Moroccan tea in the Arabic tea house.

If you want to discover more about the diversity of the Arab World and civilization you can visit Insitut du monde Arabe.

When you have learned enough about the current and historic Arabic culture you can take the fast elevator to the top floor of the building to have an Arabic lunch or tea with an amazing view over the seine and the city.

Paris has several Chinese districts, but the biggest one is located in the 13th arrondissement. This district raised late seventies when many boat refugees from the south-east Asia came to Europe. Because of the ugly buildings in this district Parisians didn’t want to settle in this area and the Chinese created their Chinatown.


Strolling around in this neighborhood doesn’t feel at all being in Paris and that’s exactly what makes it interesting to visit this area in your world trip and have a moment the feeling you just arrived in Hong Kong. You will find several small Chinese restaurants and Supermarket and its really worth visiting supermarket Tang Freres, 48 Avenue d’Ivry.

This Chinese supermarket offers a very wide variety of Chinese products but also Asian product. In front of the supermarket you can buy a fresh coconut with a straw and dream away if you’re on an Island in Thailand.

From Chinatown you can enter the world of Japan and Korea in the 1st arrondisement. Take metro line 1 to the goldentriangle of Paris between Opera, the Louvre and Palais Royal. This luxury disctrict is full of Korean and Japanese restaurants. In the Rue Saint Anne you will find a Japanese/Korean food heaven with many different restaurants from Korean BBQ to Udon noodles offer high quality food.

Still more hunger to explore Asia? Finish your trip on this continent with a visit to India. In the 18th century there were built several hidden so called passages. One of this passages in the 10th, is dominated by the indian community in Paris, Passage Brady. Which is an unofficial little Inda, lined with indian restaurants and spice shops.

You can finish your worldtrip with a visit to the African continent by taking the metro to la Goutte d’Or in the 18th arrondisement at the foot of Montmartre.

Originally this district was mainly claimed by the nord African immigrants but since the eighties it’s a melting pot of 53 different African countries. Find your inspiration at the market, Marché Dejean near the metro Chateau Rouge, rue Dejean. You’ll find exotic fruits, fish heads and cell phones on this chaotic market. And shop for special products from Senegal to Cameroon.

After visiting these 3 continents in this world city will change your vision about Paris and you’ll discovered that Paris is a melting pot of cultures of the world.

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